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The Mysteries of Loch Ness

Loch Ness lies along a natural fault line and was created some 500 million years ago, creating the Great Glen. During the last ice age over 4000ft of ice covered the area creating a huge glacier which further gouged out the landscape, creating the steep sides of the Loch.


There are various myths which could have contributed to the legend of the Loch Ness monster namely the Kelpie (said to dwell in rivers and streams) and the Each Uisge (Water Horse) which makes its home in lochs and along coastlines. The Each Uisge was said to be a shapeshifter transforming between a magnificent horse or a beautiful woman or man. Any contact with the Each Uisge would cause the victim to be stuck fast where the creature could then drag the victims deep into the loch to drown


Since the first recorded encounter with Nessie by St Columba in AD 565 there have been few recorded occurrences until the 1930s (it is said that the creature was disturbed during the creation of the new A82 road) when various credible witnesses report to have encountered a strange creature or seen strange disturbances on the loch.


Since then people have become obsessed with discovering the mysteries of the murky waters. There are dozens of theories as to what the creature could be or whether it exists.


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